Animal Care Aide

Location: Orlando, FL
Date Posted: 04-10-2013

We are built on the idea that if you are going to have a viable organization that lasts a hundred years, it’s critical to invest in your employees’ career development. We offer a unique foundation to bridge your growth level to level: a de-mystified promotion path, support with managing your career, the opportunity to collaborate and learn with other bright, high-performers and structured classes offered at our University. Our unique approach gives you the ability to grow your career successfully.

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks

Organize veterinary medical team to maximize quality care and productivity.
The Lead Veterinary Assistant directs the veterinary medical team through the Cycle of Service and communicates with other associates to maintain the flow of patients.
Select, train and supervise Assistants, Pet Care Assistants and other associates as appropriate. Training includes BLC requirements.
The Lead Veterinary Assistant is responsible for scheduling the Veterinary Technician and Assistant staff.
Lead and mentor the veterinary medical team to ensure that policies and protocols are followed at all times. Provide continuous development opportunities for associates.
Provide effective communication between associates, field leadership and Central Team Support.
Work alongside the Veterinary Technician and Assistant staff as a Veterinary Assistant 30 - 35 hours per week.
Work an additional 5-10 hours per week to perform administrative responsibilities promptly and accurately, for a total of 40-45 hours per week.
Ensure that exam rooms, pharmacy, surgery and treatment areas are consistent and remain as per "plan-o-gram" and hospital standards.
Responsible for ordering all medical supplies.
Responsible for traffic control.
Create a positive and professional relationship with PetSmart grooming and obedience teams.
Ensure compliance with all practice policies and procedures and with all local, state and federal laws.
Advocate for pets.
Understand and follow state practice acts regarding duties of credentialed veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants, assisting with surgery as applicable.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Hiring Qualifications
Capabilities and Experience (can do)

Ability to multi-task- Manages multiple tasks at one time; quickly and accurately shifts attention among multiple tasks under distracting conditions without loss of accuracy or appearance of frustration.
Communication skills - Reads, writes and speaks fluent English, using appropriate grammar, style and vocabulary. Correctly spells commonly used English words and job specific terms. Demonstrates exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills.
Organizational ability - Demonstrates a systematic approach in carrying out assignments. Is very orderly and excels at cutting through confusion and turning chaos into order.
Problem solving skills - Demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. Unusually decisive in handling difficult problems. Translates problems into practical solutions.
Client service skills - Consistently ensures the team provides the client with attentive, courteous and informative service. Gains and shows personal satisfaction from delivering great service.
Intellectual ability - Accurately and consistently follows instructions delivered in an oral, written or diagram format. Can provide directions.
Mathematical ability - Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to compute rate, ratio and percent; ability to convert units of measurement.
Computer skills - Comfortably and confidently uses a computer and specialized software. Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc.

Attitudes (will do)

Initiative - shows willingness and aptitude to use own discretion in taking appropriate steps in finding solutions to problems; presents options and ideas to enhance current processes or procedures. Takes on additional responsibility when both big and small tasks need to be done.
Integrity - Firmly adheres to the values and ethics of Banfield Pet Hospitals. Exhibits honesty, discretion, and sound judgment.
Cooperativeness - Willing to work with others, collaborating and compromising where necessary; promptly share relevant information with others.
Flexibility - Is open to changing situations and opportunities and is willing to perform all tasks assigned.
Independence - Able and willing to perform tasks and duties without supervision.
Tolerance for Stress / Resiliency - Maintains a positive "can do" outlook, rebounds quickly from frustrations and unpleasantness, and maintains composure and friendly demeanor while dealing with stressful situations.

Special Working Conditions

Ability to work at a computer for long periods of time.
Project timelines and work volume / deadlines may often require more than 40 hours per week to complete essential duties of this job.
Must have mental processes for reasoning, remembering, mathematics and language ability (reading, writing, and speaking the English language) to perform the duties proficiently.
The noise level in the work environment is normally moderate.
Environment where pets are present.
Flexible hours; full-time including evenings & weekends.

Experience, Education and/or Training

Must be able to perform all required skills of NAVTA approved veterinary assistant programs at a level in which to aid in the efficiency of the practice.
Three years related experience required, with six months experience at Banfield preferred.
Certification completion as outlined in the Paraprofessional Leadership Certification Program within one year of employment.

Understanding the value of relationships is core to our mission of developing our people into effective executives. Executives who have not only earned the trust and respect of their clients, but also over years have established themselves in their local communities - both geographical and practical as go to people for advice and action. Our core value of partnership is enabled through relationships. Partnering with clients is built upon relationships, with the strongest partnerships defined by many lifetime relationships. Collaboration (a more common term for partnering among employees of all levels) between employees begins and ends with relationships, where the strongest have stood the test of a lifetime.

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